Outreach Ministries

When it comes to ministry to other Jesus followers and the secular community we emphasize every member ministry.  We believe that all Jesus followers are called to participation, not observation.  Each Christian has been uniquely equipped with a gift for ministry and we look for ways to promote the use of these gifts.  We underscore a few principles when it comes to every member ministry: 

  • First, we do not try to come up with programs and then try to fill these programs with people to lead them.  Rather, we see what desires for ministry the Holy Spirit is giving to various people and then release them to do what the Lord is calling them to.
  • Secondly, we believe it is the leadership’s responsibility not to try to take on every ministry, but is rather to come alongside the various ministries and provide equipping and oversight. 
  • Thirdly, we are not so much concerned with a certain ministry becoming an official church program or project, but rather stress that each Jesus follower is called to simply minister in their daily life with the calling that the Lord has assigned specifically and uniquely to them.  This means a ministry will sometimes take on a much more formal and organized approach and other times it will not. 

(Recommended Resources: Ephesians chapter 4:7-13 and the book Total Church, Chester and Timmis)