Our Beliefs/Doctrine

We are Bible believing Christians. We believe that the Bible is God’s Word and that it is true and perfect in everything that it proclaims; it is infallible and authoritative. We hold to the Apostles Doctrine and the Nicene Creeds, believing that they are excellent summaries of orthodox and essential Christian beliefs.

We are a Protestant in that we are not Roman Catholic and we are Evangelical, holding to the doctrinal statement of the National Association of Evangelicals.

1. We believe that there is one God, existing in three, eternal Persons -Father, Son, and Holy Spirit - all of whom are fully God. We believe that this one God is the maker of the heavens, the earth, and all that is in them.

2. We believe that God created mankind in His image, both male and female He created in His image.

3. We believe that because of Adam’s sin all people, without exception, are by nature sinful, deserving the just punishment of everlasting condemnation in hell. We believe that humans cannot save themselves from this judgment, regardless of what they might try to do to earn God’s favor. The entire race is dead in sin unable to in any way help themselves.

4. We believe that the only way a person can have life and a right relationship with God is if they are born again. The Holy Spirit must regenerate a person’s heart through the power of the Gospel, giving the person the ability to repent and believe in Jesus as Savior and Lord.

5. We believe that Jesus is both fully God and fully man, sinless, died as the substitutionary sacrifice for the world’s sins, was raised bodily on the third day, ascended into heaven, has sent the Holy Spirit to indwell all who are His, and will one day return bodily and gloriously for all who love Him. We believe in the future, bodily resurrections of the just and the un-just.

6. We believe in a future millennial reign of Christ, that He will judge the earth in righteousness
for a thousand years.

7. We believe in a future restoration of all things; that after His millennial reign He will make a new heaven and a new earth in which all of His children will dwell forever. We also believe that all who are not His will be damned, consciously, forever.

We believe that the gifts of the Spirit, including prophesy, healing, and tongues, are for the church today and are to be pursued. We would describe our stance as passionate, yet discerning. We do not believe in a second work of grace to be received after salvation, but believe that all believers have been baptized in the Holy Spirit and are to be continually filled with the Holy Spirit. We believe that God wants believers to continually encounter His presence!

We believe in Missions. Just as Christ came on a mission to seek and save the lost, so He has called all believers to join with Him in proclaiming the Good News. We passionately believe in local and worldwide missions. We endeavor to pray fervently, give generously, and be involved in a variety of ways to spread the Gospel. We believe that the Gospel is to be passionately preached to all people, without exception.

We are Calvinistic in the matter of Salvation. We believe that man does not choose God, but that God has chosen for Himself, based upon His own grace, a number of people which no man can number, to be His children. While we believe that God desires the salvation of all, and that the Gospel is to be preached to all, only those who are His will respond to His voice and believe. We do not see His desire for all to be saved and His choosing of those whom He wills to be saved as needing our full understanding. We preach and believe both. We do not believe that foreknowledge, in the sense of God looking through the tunnel of time and seeing who would choose Him, is the Biblical solution. No one can choose God because they are dead in sin. Furthermore, we believe Scripture is clear that it is God who is free to choose us based on the counsel of His own will.