The Restoration of All Things Mark 9:8-13

Not only would Peter remember the glory he saw Christ radiate, but John would also be deeply affected by this encounter for the rest of his life. Please read and discuss John 1:14.

Yet, the transfiguration was momentary, the cross and resurrection would need to still take place. We talked about the horror of Christ establishing a kingdom of unregenerate sinners, stopping short of His mission. Why is this unthinkable and what does it prompt in your mind?

I. Confused Pondering (verses 8-10)

Christ commanded the three disciples not to say anything until after He had risen from the dead. Why would He say this?

Discuss the following quote by L. Hurtado: “Only in the light of the crucifixion and resurrection that Jesus’ true person can be understood, for He is not just a wonderful visitor from heaven or an especially favored man given mystic glory but the one called to ‘give His life as a ransom for many.’” See Mark 10:45

The three disciples began to ponder and question all that had taken place and were wondering how it would fit in with the coming kingdom. What did it mean for Jesus to rise from the dead? How would this be separated from the general resurrection at the end of the age? What about Elijah; where did he fit into all of this? Afterall, they knew he had to come first; even the scribes were teaching this. These were the things that they were thinking about.

We talked about the importance of meditating on the works of the Lord. It is right and holy to think about these things. What the disciples were doing was excellent. They cared about piecing together things from Scripture. Please discuss Psalm 77:12 & II Timothy 2:7

II. Courageous Question (verse 11)

They finally got up the nerve to ask Jesus one of the questions they had. How is it that Elijah would come first? How would Elijah’s coming fit in with the ministry of Jesus? Afterall, He, the Messiah, was already present with them and they had not seen Elijah come first (although, certainly his appearance on the mountain would have helped initiate these thoughts and questions). In addition, how would Jesus’ talk of death fit in with the prior restoration of all things?

See and discuss Malachi 3:1; 4:5

III. Clear Interpretation (verses 12&13)

Jesus was clear that He would indeed have to suffer; His call was to the cross. We have looked extensively at Isaiah 53, please look up and discuss Psalm 22:12-18 & Zechariah 12:10 & 13:7

Elijah indeed had come and had prepared the way for the Lord. See and discuss Luke 1:17
Why does it matter so much that Jesus came down off that mountain and set His face like a flint toward Jerusalem?