The Popularity of Christ; Mark 1:40-45

In this text we see an example of a specific healing in the ministry of Christ.

It was noted that saying to the Lord in prayer, while not necessary to say every time, “if you will,” is not an indicator of a lack of faith. How does someone know something if they do not know it? Is it genuine for someone to say they know they are going to be healed if they do not know? Faith is not saying that we know something that we don’t: This is the stuff of mind over matter or mental gymnastics.

Sure, there are times when the Lord gives the gift of faith and special insight is received regarding what the Lord is presently doing, but this is not always the case. Usually, we go to the Lord and say, “I want to be healed, please heal me,” but the outcome is from Him. Our responsibility is to come to Him believing that He is the healer and that He has the power and compassion to heal.

Yet, in this healing we not only see the compassion of Christ moving Him to heal someone with an awful and terminal disease, leprosy (most likely what would be called today Hansen’s disease), but we also get a picture of what a genuine conversion is like (see Leviticus 13:1-3, 45-46, and II Kings 5:7).

  • The horrific nature of sin
  • Its numbing effects
  • The examination and diagnosis of the law
  • The grace to see Jesus
  • The desperate, boldness of faith

I. Christ Who Cleanses (40-42)

II. Christ Who Embraces His Mission (43-44)

III. Christ Whose Word is Ignored (45)

In the midst of the swirling popularity of Christ, we get a perfect illustration of genuine conversion. Similar situations have been and will be with us until the return of Christ. Often, in different times and places, Christ remains immensely popular, but there are those within the crowd who see Jesus for who He truly is and who, through faith, are genuinely converted.

One last note, the reason that the law is able to examine a person and find him clean or faultless is because of the work of Jesus alone. The law has no power over the one in Christ.

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