The Light will Shine; part II, Mark 4:21-25

We picked up this week where we had left off and that was that it is our job to make sure that the Gospel is in its right place; in the open on a stand. This is done by our declaring the Gospel to those around us.

We talked about the heart of the Gospel:

1) Christ lived in our place. Discuss what His substitutionary obedience to God means. He lived a perfect life of obedience to the Father in our place. Where we had sinned and had earned the wrath of God, Christ earned, by His obedience everlasting life, endless joy with God, for us. We receive the reward of heaven because Christ earned it for us!

2) Christ died in our place.That is, He took the punishment on the cross for us. The wrath of God that we deserved was given to Christ. Because of this the wrath of God has been appeased, it will no longer be given to God’s children. He then was buried: He had really died!

3) Christ rose again and proved that He has power over death, His claims are true, His sacrifice was accepted, and He is able to impart life.

Discuss how the first thing we should remember when articulating the Gospel is what Christ did for us to bring us to God (II Corinthians 5:14-19). Jesus lived in my place earning for me everlasting life, Jesus died in my place removing the punishment of everlasting death, and Jesus rose again with the power to impart new life.

The Gospel comes with an inseparable command: Repent and Believe. Note: These are both things that take place in the heart; the seat of our true affections and convictions.

Talk about how we, in a conversation with someone, would also want to talk about how there is one God who created the world, how man fell in Adam, and that God is going to make a new heavens and new earth in the future. Yet, it is the three things above that are the very heart of the Gospel.

Ask if anyone has a story of recently being able to share the Gospel with someone.

II. The Powerful Gospel Reveals (It’s Purpose)

Read and Discuss Verse 22

The Gospel as its light is cast all around reveals the hearts of those who accept it and grow and those who reject it and give clear evidence of unbelief. Light reveals. There is a revealing that takes place in the here and now. Often it is evident whether the Gospel has revealed a broken or hard heart. (Discuss John 3:20&21 and the culture that we find ourselves in. According to this text why do people both avoid and come to the light?)

Yet, eventually all will be disclosed; even the things that remain in the shadows now. Discuss Ecclesiastes 12:14 and Romans 2:16.

III. The active Gospel Increases (It Produces Growth in us; Fruit) Read and Discuss verse 23-25

The Gospel is not just for the unsaved, out there, it is also for us! As we daily sin and yet see the amazing grace of our continued security in Christ, it should draw us to constant love and worship. Those who grow in the Lord are those who are truly amazed at what Jesus has done for them.

We talked about how the one who receives will be given more insight and understanding, yet to the the one who rejects the teaching he has been given, even that will be taken away. Discuss what this means.

How do the following texts relate to this last point: Colossians 3:16, II Peter 3:18?

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