The Light will Shine (part 1) Mark 4:20&21

We started off by looking back at where we have been, refreshing our minds and focusing on things that had not been emphasized (read and talk about verse 20; ask for any insights or observations).

The person who has a root within themselves is one whose root remains in the midst of all of the things that frustrate and hinder the seed in others. Therefore, while satanic opposition, short burst excitement, persecution for the Gospel’s sake, cares of the world, deceitfulness of riches, and the desires for other things prevent a root from taking place in the hearts of many, the one with the root remains deeply and immovably within the soil in the midst of and in spite of these things. It is not that this one does not encounter these obstacles, it is that he is not stopped in his reception and growth in the Word. The things do not remove the effect of the Gospel, rather, in this one, they prove its effect.

Discuss that the one who has the root will remain unplucked, even if the flower of the plant is removed, the root remains.

We noticed that the one who has had his heart changed always bears good fruit. Discuss the following points:

*The fruits of a changed heart that has lead to repentance and faith are a brokenness before God, a love for Christ, a hunger for the Word and prayer, and a change in behavior. The fruit of our life demonstrates that the root is present.

*People grow at different speeds producing different amounts of fruit.

I.  The Understood Gospel Must Be Displayed (It’s Place) read verse 21

While Jesus has been preaching in concealed parables, He is challenging His hearers to not hide the Gospel. They have been given the ability to understand and receive the truth and they are not to keep it to themselves, but are to shine the light of the gospel by articulating to those who have not heard and/or have not accepted it.

The Gospel is News and news must be told. It is to be set in a prominent place for all to see!

Read and discuss the following: Matthew 10:26-28

The reason we tell others is because we have seen that in the Gospel is the only message leading to eternal lives and we ourselves have experienced this reality.

What are some of the hindrances that keep us from sharing the Gospel?

What is the difference between inviting someone to church and having a conversation about the Gospel?

How are living like Christ and having a conversation about Christ different? While living like Jesus is vital and helps prepare people to receive the Gospel, read and discuss how the following verses demonstrate that the articulation of the Gospel in indispensible: Acts 4: 12, Romans 10:14-17

to be continued...

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