The Life of Peter: Scripture References

Peter: * signifies use in opening sermon on I Peter

*4:18, Matthew: a fisherman receives call from Jesus (2nd call: parallel ref. Mark 1:16)

8: 14, owned a house (with brother Andrew ref. Mark 1:29); was married

10:2, listed with 12

14:28, walks on water

15:15, wanted to know meaning of parable

16:16, has revelation of who Jesus is

16:18, is charged by Jesus concerning church

16:22, rebukes Jesus

16:23, is rebuked by Jesus

17:1, on mount of transfiguration (Mount. Hermon??)

17:4, suggests making tents

17:24, questioned about Jesus paying taxes

18:21, wants to know about forgiveness

19: 27, proclaims his life sacrifice

26: 33, proclaims undying loyalty

26:35, “

26:37, taken by Jesus to garden (Gethsemane) to pray

26:40, falls asleep praying

26:58, follows Jesus’ trial from distance

26:69, talks to servant girl in courtyard

26:73, is recognized as follower of Jesus by accent

26:75, remembers prophetic words of Jesus after denying Him a third time

3:16, Mark: appointed part of the twelve

5:37, part of inner circle of three observing ministry/miracle of Jesus (see similarity in his ministry later Acts 9:40)

8:29, recognized who Jesus is

8:32, rebukes Jesus

8:33, is rebuked by Jesus

9:2, taken to mount of transfiguration

9:5, suggests making tents

10:28, proclaims his life sacrifice

11:21, points of death of fig tree

13:3, talks privately to Jesus with three others

14:29, proclaims undying loyalty

14:33, taken with Jesus to garden to pray

14:37, falls asleep praying

14:54, follows Jesus’ trial from a distance

14:66, servant girl recognizes him

14:67, “

14:70, recognized because of accent

14:72, denies Jesus

*16:7, will be informed Jesus wants to see him (see also: *Luke 24:34, *I Corinthians 15:5)

*5:8, Luke: declares he is a sinful man (3rd call)

6:14, listed with apostles

8:45, declares to Jesus impossibility of knowing who Jesus spoke of touching Him

8:51, allowed to observe with two other apostles and parents miracle of Jesus

9:20, recognizes who Jesus is

9:28, taken to garden to pray

9:32, saw Jesus’ glory-transfiguration

9:33, suggests making tents

12:41, wonders if parable is for all of them

18:28, declares his life sacrifice

22:8, sent to prepare Passover

*22:33, declares undying loyalty

*22:34, is told he will deny Jesus

*22:54, follows Jesus trial from a distance

22:55, “

22:58, recognized as follower of Jesus

*22:60, denies Jesus

*22:61, Jesus looks at him

24:12, runs to tomb

1:40, John: Peter’s brother Andrew heard John the Baptist and then followed Jesus

*1:42, was brought to Jesus and was introduced and renamed (1st call)

1:44, from Bethsaida (same as Philip)

6:8, is written to be Andrew’s brother

*6:68: admits to Jesus that there is no one else to turn to

13:6, questions Jesus about getting his feet washed

13:8, refuses to have feet washed by Jesus

13:9, retracts and says he will be completely washed by Jesus

13:24, curious about who Jesus is speaking about regarding betrayal

13:36, wants to know where Jesus is going

13:37, wants to know why he cannot follow

18:10, cuts off the ear of the servant (Malchus) of high priest

18:11, told to put sword away

18:15, followed Jesus’ trial

18:16, was brought into courtyard of high priest

18:17, recognized by servant girl

18:18, warms himself by fire

18:25, recognized again

18:27, denied Jesus

20:2, receives report Jesus’ body is missing

20:3, heads quickly to investigate tomb

20:4, is outrun by John to tomb

20:6, see’s Jesus’ grave clothes

21:2, together with disciples

21:3, went fishing, caught nothing

21:7, recognizes the Lord, jumps off boat to get to Him

21:11, hauls miraculous catch to shore

*21:15, asked if he loves Jesus

*21:17, grieved at Lord’s questions

21:21 asks about destiny of John

1:13, Acts: enters upper room with disciples to pray

1:15, stood up to speak, leads group

2:14, preaches with power

2:37, is asked how to respond to preaching

2:38, preaches repentance

3:1, goes to temple to pray

3:3, is asked for charity money

3:3, commands invalid to look at him

3:6, declares he has no money

3:11, is embraced by healed man

3:12, preaches Jesus

4:8, filled with Holy Spirit; preaches

4:13, recognized as being untrained in theological schools, but having been with Jesus

4:19, declares priority of listening to God over men

5:3, rebukes Ananias

5:9, rebukes Sapphira

5:15, shadow falls on people and they are healed

5:29, declares allegiance to God over man

8:14, sent to inquire on Samaritan believers

8:20, rebukes Simon the magician about trying to buy the things of God

9:32, travels for ministry here and there

9:34, declares healing by Jesus to Aeneas

9:38, is beckoned to go to Joppa

9:39, goes to Joppa and to upper room to where Dorcas had died

9:40, puts weeping ladies outside of room and prays over Dorcas

10:5, plans made to get Peter from Joppa

10:9, on housetop praying

10:13, is instructed in vision to kill and eat unclean animals

10:14, rebukes Lord about eating unclean animals

10:17, wonders what vision meant

10:18, is inquired about

10:19, ponders vision; Holy Spirit speaks to him

10:21, asks if he is the one being looked for

10:25, is worshipped by Cornelius

10:26, refuses worship; declares he is just a man

10:32, Cornelius recounts vision to Peter

10:34, declares that God shows no partiality

10:44, Holy Spirit falls on listeners

10:45, amazed at outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the gentiles

10:46, heard gentiles speaking in tongues and worshipping

11:2, is criticized by circumcision party

11:4, recalls vision

11:7, describes details of vision

11:13, explains Cornelius’ divine message

12:3, is arrested

12:5, is prayed fervently for by church while in prison

12:6, is sleeping in prison

12:7, is awakened by an angel

12:11, comes to realization that he has been rescued from prison

12:14, is left by Rhoda at gate of the house where prayer meeting for him is taking place

12:16, keeps knocking to be let in

12:18, soldiers quite disturbed over Peter’s disappearance

15:7. Leads council at Jerusalem

2:7, Galatians: ministry is to fellow Jews

2:8, Paul declares God was at work in Peter’s ministry

1:1, I Peter, declares self to be apostle of Jesus

1:1, II Peter, declares self to be slave and apostle of Jesus