The Kingdom Coming With Power Mark 9:1-8 (part II)

II. A Terrifying Fulfillment (continued)

read Mark 9:2-6

We began by talking about how this encounter would be an anchor moment in these disciples lives. This profound experience would not only give a foretaste of the future (the second coming of Christ), but would also provide tremendous encouragement and comfort as they would look back upon it in the midst of hardship. Discuss: Why are “anchor moments” (encounters with God) so vital? Discuss an “anchor moment” in your life. How was this encounter the fruit of the Spirit’s work through the Word?

How does the transfiguration account encourage you?

Please look up (Luke 9:31) and discuss what the conversation was about among Jesus, Elijah, and Moses. Notice how Peter uses the word departure in II Peter 1:15.

Discuss Peter’s comments in our text. What stood out to you from his idea?

III. The Final Word (verses 7&8)

The glory cloud overshadowed this small group on the mountain. This cloud is reminiscent of the Shekinah (meaning: He caused to dwell) glory of God in the Old Testament when God gave a visible manifestation of His presence in the form of a cloud. See Exodus 33:7-10, I Kings 8:10&11

Discuss: How does our text give a clear Trinitarian expression?

The voice from heaven was the Father. Please look up and discuss the three instances when we read of the Father’s audible validation of the Son. (Mark 1:11, our text, and John 12:23).

The Father expressly says to listen to the Son. The Father, not Peter has the final Word. This charge is to us as well, “Listen to the Son!” We listen to the Son as we hear Him in the Scriptures. Based upon what we have read so far in Mark 1-8, what are the things we are to listen to that come to your mind?

Conclusion: Discuss the following text: II Peter 1:16-21. Discuss how this text relates to what we have been talking about for the past couple of Sundays.