The Compassion of Jesus is Sooo Good Mark 6:30-36

The Compassion of Jesus is Sooo Good

Mark 6:30-36

God is an independent being and we are utterly dependent upon His compassion.

Please discuss the independence of God and our dependence. (What were some examples used and what examples come to your mind?)

Discuss the tragedy of stealing God’s good gifts (using all that He supplies) without recognizing the independent giver and our need for Him. Please discuss the hubris of man running around a globe he has not created using things that He has found without recognizing what all this dependence points to.

Yet, in spite of all of this, our Lord has great compassion upon us. This text shows our dependence upon Him.

I. He listens to our stories (read and discuss verse 30)

Discuss how the Lord is the greatest listener and loves hearing our stories

See Exodus 33:11/James 2:23

II. He is tuned in to our limits (read and discuss verses 30&32)

The Lord is careful to attend to our needs. He is not only aware of them, but also responsive.

The Lord leading His apostles into the desert for rest is a parallel of what the Lord did with the children of Israel (Isaiah 63:14 & Jeremiah 31:2)

It was noted that all of life was never intended to be a constant vacation. Please discuss what pursuing a vacation life leads to.

The Lord has intended that we are busy in life, working hard. Yet, He has appointed times of rest for us to rejuvenate. Discuss how the Lord has given you rest just when you needed it.

Discuss how rest is often found in the company of other believers. How is this restful?

III. He is willingly interrupted (read and discuss verses 33-36)

The care of souls took the priority. While the Lord is careful to attend to our physical needs, He is more concerned that our souls are fed and cared for. Discuss what the teaching of the Word of God does to our souls. What is the purpose of teaching to unbelievers and believers?

The people of Israel were like sheep without a shepherd. What does this mean?

How is Jesus the Good Shepherd. Look up and discuss Numbers 27:17, I Kings 22:17, and Exodus 34:22.

Conclusion: God has designed us to communicate, but it is ultimately to point to our need to communicate with Him. God has designed rest so that we would know that we are not like Him, the One who never sleeps (Psalm 121:4), but that we need Him and ultimately find our rest in Him. He has designed our souls to only be satisfied with the teaching of the Word of God: All other pursuits for satisfying this hunger will leave one hungry still. He has designed us as sheep so that we would see the greatness and awesome compassion of the Great Shepherd of the Sheep-Jesus (Hebrews 13:20). His compassion is soooo good!