The Scam, Silencing, and Sadness of Social Justice; Part I

In recent months and even years I have watched with tremendous surprise and ever-increasing concern as the Evangelical church as a whole has been increasingly preoccupied with the issue of what has been described as social justice. Even pastoral heroes of mine, to my great shock and dismay, have become great advocates and defenders of social justice and have in the process alienated and disheartened fellow brothers Christ. With breathtaking speed this movement has weakened genuine unity and thrown cold water on Holy Spirit given excitement over the power of the Gospel, even to the point of adding to the Gospel or weakening it by setting up stumbling blocks in its way.


Let me be clear, there are many facets to this movement covering a wide range of issues. And make no mistake, the advocates for social justice have been clear and dogmatic. The language of social justice is often assumptionary (my word) and puts any opponents of its views in categories no one wants to be, nor should they, labeling them as racist, bigoted, blind, and unsensitive, etc. With labels like these, who would want to speak up and offer a different point of view? Of course, it is assumed that the church has been in the dark and now, in order to come into the light, must embrace social justice.


Arguments for social justice should not only not be tolerated, they must be dismantled with the same dogmatism with which they are advocated. They are a threat to what the Bible focuses on and that is simply justice. Justice is a Biblical and essential element of Christianity that does, obviously, involve social aspects. However, social justice, as being taught today is a loaded phrase with much deadly and divisive teaching.


Instead of going into lengthy detail regarding this movement, bullet points will be given on aspects of this movement's philosophy and teaching, not necessarily all points being made or embraced by every advocate of social justice. In days to come, these aspects will be developed and addressed.  Please see part I on racism that has already been written on this blog. Part two will be out soon.


Social justice is a scam because it is an unbiblical teaching cloaked in Biblical speech. It is Silencing because this is what its advocates do to its opponents. It is sad because of what it has done to the American church.

I.  Political and Racial Aspects:

  • There is a systemic racism problem within white Evangelicalism, often this racism is unwittingly embraced.
  • Our nation is systemically racist. That is, both the corporate business world and governmental/political systems and structures are intrinsically racist; particularly against black people.
  • Our law enforcement across the nation has a major problem with racism, once again being a systemic issue. Often it is heard that police departments are particularly targeting young, black menII.

II.  Sexual Aspects:

III. Gender/ Feminism Aspects:

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