Quiet, Sophisticated Pride & Trump

The political atmosphere continues to be charged with ever increasing electricity. This is due in large part to the emergence of The Donald. His tone is sure, he refuses to apologize or back down, and he has spoken with words that are inappropriate and crude. In response, many Christians have felt that it is their duty to outright reject such a candidate. In actuality, many Christians fear to say anything positive about him or, gulp, support him because of what other Christians and those around them might say or think.

What greatly concerns me is that some people are so willing to label a candidate like Trump as full of pride and yet ignore the fact that pride not only manifests itself in different ways, but is just as offensive in its quiet, sophisticated form as it is when it is vulgar. Many Americans are outraged, because they are tired of the sophisticated pride that has been so clearly displayed in many, so called, conservative candidates. Evangelicals, of which I am one, are tired of being lectured by pundits, pastors, and politicians to continue supporting people who seem ever so humble, but do absolutely nothing.

With these things said, we now move on to defining what quiet, sophisticated pride is.

Sophisticated pride is often condescending.

It is condescending to be dogmatic about what one believes and teaches, but then look down upon anyone who is dogmatic as being wrong for being so. This kind of air is passive in that it acts as if it's own spoken beliefs are not dogmatic, and yet is aggressive toward anyone who admits he believes he actually has an answer!

It is pride to be in denial about one’s own, veiled, dogmatism and condemn it in others. Being dogmatic is not pride, acting as if one is not dogmatic, when he is, is.

Sophisticated pride gets the roles of government and the church mixed up.

I want a tough talking, strong, no nonsense, President. We need one that will care about protecting this nation and wield the sword well, as this is the commission from God to the governments of nations (Romans 13:4). We should not want a weak, indecisive, looking at the polls for his positions, President. The stronger and freer this nation is, the safer and more productive she will be. We need a President that will protect the lives of Christians so that they can impact the world with the truth of Jesus.

Sophisticated pride purposefully takes people out of context.

It is wrong to take people’s words and twist them for one’s own purposes. This is pride par excellence. I have heard people say, “Did you hear that Trump called all Mexicans rapists and criminals?” In context it is very clear that Trump was not calling all Mexicans rapists. Do you really think Trump believes and was saying that every Mexican, without exception, is a criminal, a drug dealer, or a rapist? Regardless of what one thinks about him, to casually accuse him of this is to break the command of Scripture not to slander. Yet, where is the outrage against twisting another’s words!

By the way, this principle applies to any politician, regardless of party, that we vehemently disagree with. We are never allowed to purposefully mischaracterize or lie about another person’s words simply to hurt them or use for our own gain. Where are the people that will swear to their own hurt (Psalm 15:4)?

Sophisticated pride is often unclear.

It often manifests in a purposeful love for the unclear and nebulous and has a particular loathing for all who challenge its imprecision and do not appreciate its penchant for the muddy. The motive’s here are cowardice, complacency, or treachery. It is arrogant to be cowardly, self involved to be complacent, and proud to be treacherous. Give me someone who I can understand what he means!

It is a fool’s motto to say “I always speak my mind,” but it is a traitor’s way to hide his intentions. “Profuse are the kisses of an enemy (Proverbs 27:6b).”

Sophisticated pride often makes promises and does nothing.

Is anyone else tired of being told what kind of politicians certainly do not have a chance to be voted in? How long are we to listen to these cowards and then continue to get a stream of politicians that lose or do nothing once they get into office?

Sophisticated pride labels God and country loving people as bigots.

I love the Lord and this nation into which I was born. Yet, for some time there has been a steady stream, even within the church, that exalts concepts which I simply do not agree. Here are some rapid fire thoughts that can be expanded at another time.

•Capitalism is not evil; socialism is not the answer.

•While Jesus is the answer to this world’s problems, we can also sling this answer around as a slogan that allows us to disengage or be free of any political involvement or care. The words “patriot” or “patriotism” are not one's people should be embarrassed to use; neither should they fall into disuse or become extinct.

•It is not bigoted or unloving to believe in strict illegal immigrant laws, period. The book of Nehemiah is all about God's command to build a wall.

•Social justice is a loaded term and one that we would do well to get rid of it. How about doing justly, period (Micah 6:8)?

•The antidote to racism is treating every person the same, regardless of skin color.

•Even though Scripture gives numerous warnings about the dangers of wealth and not pursuing it, it is wrong to blame rich people for all of our problems. It is also unBiblical to say that it is a sin to be wealthy. Have we considered that we are all wealthy?

So with this all said, is this an official endorsement for Trump? No. However, even though I disagree with things he has said and done in the past, I also like a lot of what he says and believe that Christians should feel the freedom to vote for who they want and be able to speak their thoughts without fear. Free speech is not just an American value, it is a Christian one, one I hope we have for as long as we live.

Lastly, we need to be careful of simply thinking of pride only manifesting itself in a braggadocious way, forgetting that it also comes in many other quiet, sophisticated forms.