Personalized Ministry: Mark 7:31-37

We looked at Isaiah 42:6; 49:6 and Romans 9:4&5 as we continue to deal with verses considering Jesus’ ministry to gentiles in gentile regions. Discuss these texts.

The Lord loves to minister to each one of us individually. He knows our lives completely and comes to us to reach us at the deepest level, our heart. The Lord is not just interested in ministering at a crowd level, but comes to us individually dealing with our unique lives.

Discuss: How has the Lord been ministering to you lately? Have certain texts been of specific help?

I. Right Solution; Wrong Method

Read verses 31&32, discuss what stands out from these verses.

How was the desire of the crowd good, but yet the method of ministry that it was seeking was not the one the Lord’s method?

How does this apply in our own lives? Are there situations that we have seen in which we have rightly sought the Lord for something to happen, but His way or plan was different than ours?

II. Speaking our Language

Read and discuss verses 33-35

The Lord does not just minister to us individually, but He does so in a language that each one of us can understand. What are your thoughts on this? How is this a comfort?

Jesus “sighed”, see Romans 8:23 and II Corinthians 5:2. What does this say about the way Jesus ministers to us?

III. The Aligned Confession

Read and Discuss verses 36&37

To confess something in the Scriptures means to say the same thing. That is, when someone confesses something, they are admitting and confessing the same thing that God says or declares

Discuss the people’s confession and how it aligns with Genesis 1:31

Conclusion: May the Lord open our ears (Isaiah 50:5) and our tongues (Psalm 119:172)