Lord of the Sabbath: Mark 2:23-28

Lord of the Sabbath

Mark 2:23-28

Unregenerate Hearts Cause Us To:

I. Erect Religious Systems. (26-28)

In our passage, we see the continuing effects of un-regenerate religion. That is, religion that is built and defined by people who have not experienced the new birth; their natures have not been supernaturally changed. This is what the scribes and pharisees did, they erected an edifice of religion with a structure full of mold, termites, and death.

Discuss: Why do people, who still do not know God, drawn and even fiercely loyal to some kind of religion? Hint: we know that there is a God and feel that weight…

These pharisees, living in the prison of their own system, were watching Jesus very closely to see if He would some how violate their conditions. This is a demand upon God Himself. Often we have heard that religion is working to gain God’s approval. No doubt, religion involves self righteous works, but it goes beyond that. It is a demand to God, saying to Him that He will accept the religious structures and concepts that we have instituted.

Discuss: How man’s corrupt religions are really arguments, threats, and demands upon God. Discuss how the pharisees exemplified this.

Discuss: We noted that Roman Catholicism and Protestant Liberalism are phony religious systems. Please discuss your thoughts on this and how these systems are comparable to the one established by the pharisees and scribes.

It was noted that what Jesus and His disciples were doing was not a violation of the actual law, but the pharisees interpretation of the law.

See and discuss Deuteronomy 23:25

The pharisees issue was the day upon which the disciples of Christ were picking grain. They saw it as a form of unlawful work (reaping and threshing). They saw it as a violation of Exodus 20:10.

Unregenerate religion misconstrues and mis-applies the law of God.

Jesus pointed them to an example when the law was violated, David and his men in I Samuel 21:1-6. Jesus, is not saying that it is ok to violate the law whenever we want or feel like it. He is pointing out that the pharisees seemed to have no problem with David doing what he did, conveniently forgetting it, while showing partiality trying to trip Jesus and His disciples up.

Discuss the problem of conveniently forgetting things and showing partiality: Proverbs 24:23, 28:21, Luke 20:21

Furthermore, unregenerate hearts cause us...

II. To miss the blessing of the law. (read and discuss v. 27)

Jesus is letting them know that not only did they conveniently forget David in trying to trap Him, but they also missed out on the main point of the Sabbath. It was not created to add and heap burdens upon people (although that is exactly what in does for the un-believer), but that it was meant to be a blessing. The sabbath was meant to enable people to rest and rejuvenate.

Discuss how the law is a burden to the unregenerate heart and a blessing to the regenerate one. Psalm 119:1-James 1:25

Lastly, unregenerate hearts cause us to...

III. Miss the Lord of the Sabbath (v. 28)

In all of their religious practices, they missed Jesus! Religion blinds us to the point of pure religion and that is Christ Himself. Even the Sabbath under the Old Covenant was meant to point us to Jesus, our Sabbath rest. When Christ died, all of the Old Covenant laws and ordinances died with Him (Colossians 2:14) freeing us from the demands of worshiping on certain days and in certain places (Colossians 2:16-17). We find our rest in Jesus, He is the point of the Sabbath.

Discuss the tragedy of people today, living in a religion and yet missing the entire point.

Read and pray over the following:

Matthew 11:28 and Hebrew 4:9-10