Jesus Bears With Us Mark 9:20-29 part II

The enemy does not simply work by indwelling people and causing them to foam at the mouth and throw themselves into fires. He also works by blinding people to the truth, enslaving them in a dark system of empty promises and self righteousness. Please discuss how many people would be horrified at the sight of the boy in our text, but are quite at home, enslaved in the demonic system of the “good life” without God. What a trick! See and discuss I John 5:19 & II Corinthians 4:4

In our text we see a stark visual of…

I. The Devil’s Destruction (see and read 20-22a)

Please discuss what the enemies intentions according to our text and John 10:10. Why is important that we understand the devil’s tactics and his true intentions?

II. The Father’s Desperation (see and read 22b-24)

  • his devotion to his son
  • his disappointment with the disciples
  • his doubt about Jesus

Please discuss this man’s desperation and how can we relate to him.

We discussed the difference between the father’s question to Jesus and the man’s question in Mark 1:40.What is the difference between asking about about the Lord’s will and His ability?

III. The Lord’s Dominion (see and read 25-29)

The disciples were confused about why they were not able to cast this demon out. Jesus told them that this kind could only come out by prayer. Discuss what He means by this. See Ephesians 6:12 & 18.

Ultimately, this is a clear battle regarding who has ultimate authority and power. Jesus has complete dominion, not only in this situation, but over the universe. Talk about His superior and unmatched rule! How does this give us great hope? (see Ephesians 1:21)