Grace for All: Mark 7:24-30

We began by talking about how there is one God, the maker and sustainer of all things, to whom this whole universe owes its allegiance. When we preach Christ, we are preaching The God of all. Often we see, in the Scriptures, the true God contrasted with false or pagan gods. However, over time many of these gods have been discredited. While there are still religions that believe in false gods today (Islam, Hinduism, etc.), in the West we have seen the following:

People declaring that they believe in the God of the Bible while ignoring or twisting the Scripture.

Replacing God with the idols of money, sex, influence, etc.

A rejection of God altogether. (Atheism/Agnosticism)

When one realizes that there is only one God it seems that he has two basic options:

reject and replace (which each of the three previous options include)

worship Him as God

Please discuss the previous and how we see these practices as prevalent in our society.

The reason that this is brought up is because in our text Jesus is entering a Gentile territory. He is not just the Savior of the Jews. He is not restricted as a tribal or national god.

Discuss: What does knowing that Christ is God and Savior of all people do to strengthen our own faith and witness. Please talk about both aspects.

I. To the Land of the “Impure” (read and discuss verse 24)

Immediately after confronting the pharisees false notion of uncleanness, Jesus heads deep into territory that would have been considered “unclean.”

Yet, this region was filled with truly unclean people, just as Israel was; people who had not had their hearts purified by the working of the Holy Spirit. See Acts 15:9: Ezekiel 36:25

Discuss: How is God stirring home group members to reach people? Does anyone have something that the Lord has been laying on his or her heart for spreading the Gospel? Please take a moment pray as a group that the Lord would use each one to reach out to someone who is trapped in sin.

II. The Desperate Find Him (read and discuss verses 25&26)

God is found by those who are eagerly and even desperately seeking Him out. He will not remain hidden. He is the one who stirs the heart for a person to look for Him. If you feel a need to seek after the Lord, that is the Holy Spirit stirring you. Don’t ignore that, pursue that longing!

Pray: that the Lord would stir our church to an ever increasing level of desperation for Him. Let’s pray that we would deeply moved by those who are bound by the work of the evil one and without hope. We need to intercede on behalf of others!

What are some of the things that stand out from this woman’s pleading with the Lord? Also compare with Matthew 15:21-28.

III. The Willing Delight of Grace (read and discuss verses 27-30)

Discuss: Jesus’s comment and this woman’s response. What was being said by Jesus? What beautiful qualities do we see in this lady’s words?

What do Matthew 15:24, John 4:22, and Romans 1:16 mean?

Conclusion: While the Gospel went first to the Jew, the purpose of God was that it was to be spread to the entire world. There is grace for all! See Isaiah 42:6, and 49:6