Clear Sight (part III) Mark 8:31-33

We started by Talking about how Peter’s confession of Jesus had been given to Him by the Father. Read and discuss Matthew 16:17. What does this mean related to our understanding of who Jesus is?

There are three primary categories of teaching in the Old Testament regarding the coming Messiah. Each one gives a profound aspect regarding His Person and work. George Ladd writes the following: “There are three messianic personages in the Old Testament which stand side by side with no indication of how they relate to each other.”

The categories are:

*Messianic King, a ruler in the line of David who vanquishes true Israel’s enemies (Isaiah 11),

*Divine Son called the Son of Man (Daniel 7:13-14)

*Suffering Servant (Isaiah 53)

Please discuss the previous Messianic categories and how each one is fulfilled in Christ.

The disciples did not, like their fellow Israelites, have an understanding of how these categories were even related, let alone fit together.

Jesus, in our text, plainly clarifies what it meant for Him to be the Messiah and spoke in plain language.

Jesus gives a…

I. Vision Corrective (read and discuss verse 31)

Discuss why it would have been hard for the disciples to understand this aspect of the Messiah’s ministry. What stands out to you specifically in Isaiah 53 about Christ’s sufferings?


II. Self Diagnoses (read and discuss verse 32)

He believes that His Biblical vision is quite fine, that it is Christ who needs to be “clued in.”

While we know that it is not a good idea to rebuke Jesus, how was Peter’s perspective different than ours?

How is Biblical illiteracy damaging people’s understanding of Jesus today?

Jesus recognizes instantly…

III. satan behind the scene (read and discuss verse 33)

What was it about Peter’s remarks indicate that this was the same voice as satan's?

Discuss the need for discernment in our daily lives to see both God clearly and also satan’s influence or philosophy at work.

Jesus’ greatness was that He knew and delighted in His mission. We often talk about how God has a plan for our life, maybe we should talk more about our sinful plan for God’s life . Christ’s loving refusal to follow us (and the enemy) is what has saved us. The vision correction is always God’s to give and ours to receive.