Clear Sight (Part II) Mark 8:23-30

We began by reviewing the recent passages that we have been going through. It was noted that the Lord is concerned about the leaven of the Pharisees, Sadducees, and Herod. He is troubled about their sin. Interestingly, two of the three parties mentioned by Jesus (in Mark & Matthew) are religious. Jesus is not just telling us to be careful about their influence (which He is), but also to be careful about their opposition and persecution.

Please discuss how persecution of the church often comes from the religious. What does this mean and look like. How is opposition to Christianity seen in our day from those who claim to be inside of Christianity?

The disciples did not carefully perceive, because their hearts were hardened, what the big deal was with the religious persecution that Jesus was experiencing. How is this a danger to us today?

Jesus has been using two examples in daily life that express both a deafness and a blindness to who He was.

I.  From Blindness to Clear Sight (verses 23-26)

Please read out loud and discuss the previous verses.

It was noted that there have been many theories as to why Jesus used spit (please discuss some of the ideas). One thing that we do know is that spitting in Scripture is often used as a sign of hatred and degradation. Jesus uses spit in the process of healing.

Jesus also laid His hands on the man. Please discuss the reason why it is both Biblical and wonderful to lay hands on people in ministry to them.

Our text explains that the man’s eyes were actually opened in two stages. How was this illustrative of the way that the disciples spiritual eyes were being opened to who Jesus is? He is taking them from the condition described in 8:17&18 to clear sight.

II.  Sight Test #1 (27&28)

Jesus now proceeds to give an eye exam. Jesus is the greatest optometrist who has ever lived. He first tests the eyes of the people, the crowds. Who do they “see” Jesus to be? What are the answers from our text? What are things that people are saying about Jesus today?

III.  Sight Test #2 (29&30)

Jesus now gives His disciples the same eye exam. Who do they see Him to be. Peter answers for all of the disciples and gives the right answer. Discuss why his answer was correct. Discuss who we see Jesus to be.

Yet, even though Peter’s answer was spot on, his vision was still blurry. He did not yet understand the sufferings of the Messiah.

Conclusion: The Lord was the Messiah, but He would indeed have to suffer.

He was spit upon for our healing (see and discuss Isaiah 50:6, and Mark 15:19).

He was blindfolded so that we could see (Luke 22:64).