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Jesus our Healer

Jesus Our Healer Jesus is our healer. The healing here that is being spoken of in this paper is physical and mental healing. The ministry of Jesus in the gospels is packed with healings on page after page. I believe that He took great joy in relieving people of their sicknesses and infirmities. Yet, Jesus was not just a healer then, but is still our healer today. While w...

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City Light's Vision for Youth Ministry

How do we minister to our children and youth at City Light Church?...

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15 Objections to Worship Renewal

This is a terrific article that gives a precise definition and account of our heart beat for worship in music at City Light Church (CLC). This is written by a man not affiliated with our church....

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What does healthy accountability in church relationships look like?

What does healthy accountability in churches look like?...

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The Unspeakable Joy That is Ours Because of the Resurrection

Some things that happen in the world around us cause us to be excited. For instance, we get excitedwhen we see a loved one that we have not seen for some time. We get excited when our children give us a hug and tell us they love us. People everywhere experience these kinds of excitements; they are experienced in every part of the world. They are not unique. What about get...

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What about the gifts of the Spirit?

Our position on the baptism and the gifts of the Spirit....

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The Good Old Days and Good Theology

The Good Old Days and Good Theology The church is wise to stand on the shoulders of giants of the faith from church history. It is a fool's errand to ignore the wisdom and lives of Godly men and women from the past. The Holy Spirit has at various times brought the church to a fresh awareness and joy in truths that had never changed, but had been buried in the manure pile ...

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Blood and the Mind of God (Leviticus 17:11)

The question was posed at our most recent Bible study, "Why did God require a blood sacrifice for sin?" The Christian faith rests squarely and un-alterably on the fact that blood must be shed in order for God's hot anger toward sinful humans to be appeased. Believers know this to be true. However, the question was not "Is a blood sacrifice required for sin?" We know the Bi...

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Generational Curses (Deuteronomy 5:9)

Last Bible Study we had two very thought provoking questions. One was regarding generations being punished by God for the sins of previous generations. Or one could describe the principle this way; children are punished for the sins of their fathers. While many Middle Eastern cultures practice punishing entire families or tribes for the sins of one of their members, even i...

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City Light Church's New Website

Welcome to the new City Light Church website. Thanks to the folks at Church Plant Media for working with us on getting up and running on a new content management system. Stay tuned for new blog posts, event updates and weekly sermons! ...

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