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Leaders in the Kingdom: Mark 1:16-20

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The Dawn of a New Era: Mark 1:14&15 (part 1)

It is not easy to part ways with someone that our hearts have been knit together with. So it is with John the Baptist as in our passage he is now in the distance and the sun of a new era is dawning. Discuss: The knitting of a believers hearts together. We can even feel knit together with believers from the past whom we have never met. Who are believers from the past that ...

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The Faithful One: Mark 1:12&13

The Scripture teaches that when Adam fell the entire human race fell with him (Romans 5:12). It is this lethal problem that Christianity and Christianity alone can adequately and wholly deal with. Islam fails to address how God can forgive sin and be just in doing so. Atheism (and forms of agnosticism) also leave people without a remedy for sin. Sin has locked us up and gi...

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The Supreme Affirmation: Mark 1:9-11

Discussion and Prayer Guide: Jesus' Baptism...

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Baptism in the Holy Spirit, part II, notes

Ulimately what was convincing to me on this issue was long study of the Scripture. The folowing men pointed me to what I had been seeing and continued to see in Scripture. It was noted that Merrill Unger's teaching on the baptism in the Holy Spirit (not the gifts of the Spirit) resonated with me and helped the wheels continue to turn on this issue, but that it was Wayne Gr...

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The Baptism in the Holy Spirit: introductory thoughts from Mark 1:8

We just covered this last Sunday part 1 of 2 of our semons on the "Baptism in the Holy Spirit." Part 1 should be posted this week. I began by sharing about my Charismatic/Pentecostal background. I have so much to be grateful for from my experience in the Pentecostal/charismatic church and long to see others experience God the Holy Spirit and all that He has for them. Yet, ...

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Mark 1:8, Part 1, Baptism in the Holy Spirit discussion guide.

The subject of the baptism in the Spirit is one that is taught to mean very different things within Christianity. It is therefore necessary for clarities sake to start off by addressing the position taught by Pentecostals and many Charismatics. Discuss: What have you understood the "Baptism in the Holy Spirit" to be? The Pentecostal position teaches that the baptism of/i...

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Words from a changed heart: Mark 1:7

When one reads the words in our text of John the Baptist, he is reading words that give evidence of a heart that has been transformed. While it is possible for one to speak in religious platitudes and still have a spiritual heart that is dead, our words indicate and reveal what we are like on the inside. Just to be clear, by the inside we do not mean one's internal organs,...

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A Needed Ministry: Mark 1:6

There was a great need then and there is one now for ministries like that of John the Baptist. We noted that the clothing of John the Baptist would have identified him as a holy man, a prophet. See Zech 13:4. His diet was a clean and simple one. I. A self denying ministry. While his clothing identified him as a man who spoke on behalf of God, it also indicated what he w...

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The Strange Acting Horse. An Introduction To The Question: "What is Discipleship?"

There was once a farmer who had a very strange acting horse. It all started one morning when the farmer discovered that a particular horse named Prodigal had managed to get out of his stall and into the pigpen. The farmer could not believe his eyes when he opened the gate of the pigpen and saw his horse merrily playing "steal the bacon" with six of the more athletic swine....

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