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The Kingdom Coming With Power (part I) Mark 9:1-4

I. A Glorious Promise (read verse 1) The Messiah's mission was not only about suffering. It was about suffering for the sake of everlasting, heavenly glory afterward. We are not destined to suffer forever. It was mentioned that there was a beautiful glory in the sufferings and death of Christ (John 12:23 13:31). How so? Please Discuss the following verse from My Jesus I...

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Clear Sight (part III) Mark 8:31-33

We started by Talking about how Peter's confession of Jesus had been given to Him by the Father. Read and discuss Matthew 16:17. What does this mean related to our understanding of who Jesus is? There are three primary categories of teaching in the Old Testament regarding the coming Messiah. Each one gives a profound aspect regarding His Person and work. George Ladd write...

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Clear Sight (Part II) Mark 8:23-30

We began by reviewing the recent passages that we have been going through. It was noted that the Lord is concerned about the leaven of the Pharisees, Sadducees, and Herod. He is troubled about their sin. Interestingly, two of the three parties mentioned by Jesus (in Mark Matthew) are religious. Jesus is not just telling us to be careful about their influence (which He is)...

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Unperceiving Hearts: Mark 8: 14-21

The Lord sees what is going on in our deepest affections. He know what it is that really motivates and moves us. He knows what it is that we believe, think, and hold as firm convictions. He knows what speaks to our hearts. He knows when we really get something and when it has not really sunk in. He watches our hearts just as clearly and closely as we can observe another's ...

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Personalized Ministry: Mark 7:31-37

We looked at Isaiah 42:6; 49:6 and Romans 9:45 as we continue to deal with verses considering Jesus' ministry to gentiles in gentile regions. Discuss these texts. The Lord loves to minister to each one of us individually. He knows our lives completely and comes to us to reach us at the deepest level, our heart. The Lord is not just interested in ministering at a crowd lev...

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Grace for All: Mark 7:24-30

We began by talking about how there is one God, the maker and sustainer of all things, to whom this whole universe owes its allegiance. When we preach Christ, we are preaching The God of all. Often we see, in the Scriptures, the true God contrasted with false or pagan gods. However, over time many of these gods have been discredited. While there are still religions that be...

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Leaving God’s Word: Part II Mark 7:9-13

We started off by talking about how Jesus reveal to us the truth. We would be lost without Him, building false religious empires of emptiness and darkness. We saw in our text: I. Experts at Rejecting God's Word (read verse 9) The religious give off the pretense of being Godly and connected with the Scripture. This is the danger of religion, it claims to being following ...

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An Opportunity to Give Financially to Enhance City Light Ministry!

We are moving forward in what the Lord continues to do in and through our church! One of the needs that we have had for some time is a new audio/visual/technology system. We are now beginning to raise money for the purpose of buying a new sound system, computer, projectors, and recording equipment. Our desire is to also have a camera installed in the church so that we can ...

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Leaving God's Word: Mark 7:1-8

Religion is not always a bad word. There is nothing inherently wrong with saying that one is part of the Christian religion. After all, James uses this word in 1:2627 of his epistle. However, a helpful distinction has often been made in Christianity about this word religion. In this sense, it is quite appropriate to say that Christians are not a part of a religion, but ar...

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Be it Known to You, O' Supreme Court

Daniel 3:18...

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