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A link to social justice statement that I have signed

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The Scam, Silencing, and Sadness of Social Justice (part III; personal experience)

I was raised in a white family that detested racism. My parents taught my siblings and me that a good litmus test for racism is whether parents would bless and encourage their children to marry someone of another skin color just as much as they would a person of their own skin color. No matter how much a father might say he is no racist, if he frowns on his daughter marryi...

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Thoughts on Racism

I am a white man and do not speak for another white person or group. Yet, this is more than just a disclaimer to help others distance themselves from things that I write or say, there is an underlying, objective principle within these words, true for anyone who weighs in on this issue of racism, black, brown, yellow, red, or white. There is no such thing as a spokesman for...

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The Scam, Silencing, and Sadness of Social Justice; Part I

In recent months and even years I have watched with tremendous surprise and ever-increasing concern as the Evangelical church as a whole has been increasingly preoccupied with the issue of what has been described as social justice. Even pastoral heroes of mine, to my great shock and dismay, have become great advocates and defenders of social justice and have in the process...

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The Scam, Silencing, and Sadness of Social Justice; Part II

Sadly, proponents of social justice are advanced, by themselves and their followers, as the non-racist, "woke," group in our nation. The others, not in this group, must be either still overtly racist, blind to their racism, or perhaps indifferent so that their silence is a participation in the systemic racism that has corrupted our society. With categories like these, many...

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Christ’s Life; Perfectly According To Plan, Mark 10:32-34

The entirety of Christ's life on earth was predestined by God. His life was not a matter of simply going where circumstances happened to take Him. Even the most dark day of the Lord's life was precisely carried out according to plan. Jesus came to this earth on a salvation mission, to do what sinful humans could never do for themselves. Please look up and discuss Acts 2:23...

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Quiet, Sophisticated Pride & Trump

The political atmosphere continues to be charged with ever increasing electricity. This is due in large part to the emergence of The Donald. His tone is sure, he refuses to apologize or back down, and he has spoken with words that are inappropriate and crude. In response, many Christians have felt that it is their duty to outright reject such a candidate. In actuality, man...

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Jesus Bears With Us Mark 9:20-29 part II

The enemy does not simply work by indwelling people and causing them to foam at the mouth and throw themselves into fires. He also works by blinding people to the truth, enslaving them in a dark system of empty promises and self righteousness. Please discuss how many people would be horrified at the sight of the boy in our text, but are quite at home, enslaved in the demon...

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The Restoration of All Things Mark 9:8-13

Not only would Peter remember the glory he saw Christ radiate, but John would also be deeply affected by this encounter for the rest of his life. Please read and discuss John 1:14. Yet, the transfiguration was momentary, the cross and resurrection would need to still take place. We talked about the horror of Christ establishing a kingdom of unregenerate sinners, stopping ...

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The Kingdom Coming With Power Mark 9:1-8 (part II)

II. A Terrifying Fulfillment (continued) read Mark 9:2-6 We began by talking about how this encounter would be an anchor moment in these disciples lives. This profound experience would not only give a foretaste of the future (the second coming of Christ), but would also provide tremendous encouragement and comfort as they would look back upon it in the midst of hardship....

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