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Clear Sight (part III) Mark 8:31-33

We started by Talking about how Peter's confession of Jesus had been given to Him by the Father. Read and discuss Matthew 16:17. What does this mean related to our understanding of who Jesus is? There are three primary categories of teaching in the Old Testament regarding the coming Messiah. Each one gives a profound aspect regarding His Person and work. George Ladd write...

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Clear Sight (Part II) Mark 8:23-30

We began by reviewing the recent passages that we have been going through. It was noted that the Lord is concerned about the leaven of the Pharisees, Sadducees, and Herod. He is troubled about their sin. Interestingly, two of the three parties mentioned by Jesus (in Mark Matthew) are religious. Jesus is not just telling us to be careful about their influence (which He is)...

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Unperceiving Hearts: Mark 8: 14-21

The Lord sees what is going on in our deepest affections. He know what it is that really motivates and moves us. He knows what it is that we believe, think, and hold as firm convictions. He knows what speaks to our hearts. He knows when we really get something and when it has not really sunk in. He watches our hearts just as clearly and closely as we can observe another's ...

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