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Personalized Ministry: Mark 7:31-37

We looked at Isaiah 42:6; 49:6 and Romans 9:45 as we continue to deal with verses considering Jesus' ministry to gentiles in gentile regions. Discuss these texts. The Lord loves to minister to each one of us individually. He knows our lives completely and comes to us to reach us at the deepest level, our heart. The Lord is not just interested in ministering at a crowd lev...

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Grace for All: Mark 7:24-30

We began by talking about how there is one God, the maker and sustainer of all things, to whom this whole universe owes its allegiance. When we preach Christ, we are preaching The God of all. Often we see, in the Scriptures, the true God contrasted with false or pagan gods. However, over time many of these gods have been discredited. While there are still religions that be...

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