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Leaving God’s Word: Part II Mark 7:9-13

We started off by talking about how Jesus reveal to us the truth. We would be lost without Him, building false religious empires of emptiness and darkness. We saw in our text: I. Experts at Rejecting God's Word (read verse 9) The religious give off the pretense of being Godly and connected with the Scripture. This is the danger of religion, it claims to being following ...

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An Opportunity to Give Financially to Enhance City Light Ministry!

We are moving forward in what the Lord continues to do in and through our church! One of the needs that we have had for some time is a new audio/visual/technology system. We are now beginning to raise money for the purpose of buying a new sound system, computer, projectors, and recording equipment. Our desire is to also have a camera installed in the church so that we can ...

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Leaving God's Word: Mark 7:1-8

Religion is not always a bad word. There is nothing inherently wrong with saying that one is part of the Christian religion. After all, James uses this word in 1:2627 of his epistle. However, a helpful distinction has often been made in Christianity about this word religion. In this sense, it is quite appropriate to say that Christians are not a part of a religion, but ar...

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