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Marveling at Unbelief Mark 6:1-6

We have noticed that many in our society are indifferent to the things of Christ. That is, one could say that they are unmoved, stiffnecked, or hard of heart. Scripture has an all encompassing word that succinctly describes all of these characteristics, unbelief. At the bottom of all indifferent hearts is unbelief. Note what Jesus said in John 6:36 and read and discuss Heb...

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The Beauty of Life

Sadly, a day that has historically been set aside to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus has become, for far too many, simply a day to muster up the effort to get to church and endure a service. Many have abandoned this effort altogether seeing little benefit from getting to church maybe once or twice a year. It is absolutely impossible to get excited about the resurrecti...

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