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Hope For the Desperate: Part II Mark 5: 35-40

We started of by speaking about how the two miracles in our text are a foretaste of the Kingdom come. What does this mean? (Hint: What will the Kingdom yet to come look like? Revelation 21:4) How does understanding this text in this way preserve us from the burden of thinking that every person who prays for a miracle will receive it? How does it excite faith to know the...

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Essentially Supernatural: Mark 4:26-29

Christianity at its core has always been and always will be essentially supernatural. Christianity is not a naturalistic religion kept alive by naturally empowered, stalwart saints. Rather, stalwart saints exist because of the supernatural work of the living God. In our day we have been barraged with a naturalism that explains everything in naturalistic terms and definiti...

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Darkness’s Wicked, Immoral, Intolerant Unwelcome of Light (Part II) Mark 5:13-20

discussion guide...

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Nature's Master: Mark 4:35-41

What a wonderful thing it is to know that there is predictability, observable and continuous patterns, and repeatable experiences within our universe. How awful it would be if there was no order, no ability to plan, and no sense of normality in our lives and world. Scripture tells us that it is God who has given laws and has brought order from chaos. Please read and discus...

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