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A Parable Explained Mark 4:14-20

Please discuss the following thoughts: We noted on Sunday that even though the thought of people remaining in unbelief and willfully remaining there is an awful thought, there is comfort in knowing that our all wise God is infinitely more merciful than we are, is free from causing or delighting in sin, and is working out His good plan according the the counsel of His own w...

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The Purpose of Parables: Mark 4:10-13

We ended our last sermon by saying that Jesus left the crowd without an explanation or an exposition of His parable. He simply told His parable(s) and left them at that. While Jesus did not only teach in parables and He did use explicit teaching at times with the crowds, the sense is that His use of clear and explained teaching diminished as His ministry went on. Additiona...

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Martyn Lloyd Jones Sermon: Soul Stoking/Thought Provoking!

Phenomena of Revival...

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Listening from the Heart: Mark 4:1-9

The Lord has been dealing with blind unbelief. From the scribes and their rejection of the Holy Spirit's work to Jesus' family who were embarrassed and provoked by Christ's behavior, Jesus has been interacting with those who would not genuinely listen. We began by talking about different forms of listening. It was noted that we listen in various ways, namely with our eyes...

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