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The Popularity of Christ; Mark 1:40-45

In this text we see an example of a specific healing in the ministry of Christ. It was noted that saying to the Lord in prayer, while not necessary to say every time, "if you will," is not an indicator of a lack of faith. How does someone know something if they do not know it? Is it genuine for someone to say they know they are going to be healed if they do not know? Fait...

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Who Heals all Your Diseases Mark 1: 29-34

Read: Mark 1: 29-34 I. The Problem. While affirming our need to believe and pray for physical healing, we noted that there are problems with certain healing practices and teachings that we have seen within the evangelical church. Discuss how some of the things that we have witnessed have detracted from what we see in Scripture, have damaged people, and dragged Christ's N...

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A Teaching With Authority: Mark 1:21-28

I. The Recognition By His hearers (read Mark 1:2122) What was it that made the scribes teaching non-authoritative? What were the things that made Christ's teaching ring with authority? Please discuss the fact that one of the greatest needs of the church is for believers and teachers to follow in the footsteps of Christ and also speak and preach with authority. Please d...

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Leaders in the Kingdom: Mark 1:16-20

Discussion Guide...

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