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A Needed Ministry: Mark 1:6

There was a great need then and there is one now for ministries like that of John the Baptist. We noted that the clothing of John the Baptist would have identified him as a holy man, a prophet. See Zech 13:4. His diet was a clean and simple one. I. A self denying ministry. While his clothing identified him as a man who spoke on behalf of God, it also indicated what he w...

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The Strange Acting Horse. An Introduction To The Question: "What is Discipleship?"

There was once a farmer who had a very strange acting horse. It all started one morning when the farmer discovered that a particular horse named Prodigal had managed to get out of his stall and into the pigpen. The farmer could not believe his eyes when he opened the gate of the pigpen and saw his horse merrily playing "steal the bacon" with six of the more athletic swine....

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The Sudden Movement of God; part II, Mark 1:4-5

Last week we focused on the first of three elements we see in the Sudden Movement of God: I. Spirit anointed Message. This week we looked at two more: II. God makes the place special. God calls His people to places where the focus is on Him. The crowds from the region of Judea flocked by the thousands to hear John the Baptist's message: "The Messiah is right around the...

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How Decisional Regeneration Has Helped Fuel the Gay Movement (and other sinful practices): A Cry for Awakening.

This is not an article addressed to those who are living the homosexual lifestyle. Yet, all interested in this topic, Christian or non-believer, may find it relevant to them as it touches on issues that are being intensely debated in our day. Two other thing needs to be said that may be seen as token words by some and insincere platitudes by others. I assure you, they are...

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The Sudden Movement of God

The Sudden Movement of God, Part 1; Mark 1:4 In Malachi four we have the last words of an inspired prophetic voice during the Old Testament era. In verses five and six the prediction is made that Elijah will come before the day of the Lord. There is a bit about Elijah's ministry and then the prophetic mouth is closed. For over four hundred years there would not be a proph...

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Preparing the way for the Lord (prayer, study, and discussion guide)

Mark 1:1-3...

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The Disciple and Darkness

Material from the sermon on the texts: Isaiah 8:16-22, 9:1-2....

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A word about our next sermon series and the thinking behind our weekly flow.

Upon praying and contemplating about which book of the Bible our church should begin to journey through, it seems that going through the Gospel of Mark is where we should turn our attention to next. You may want to begin this series by reading through, meditating upon, and praying over this Gospel. We have begun this study by first turning to Isaiah in order to lay the fou...

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