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The Call of Sinners: Mark 2:13-17

(v. 13) Already, over and and over we see the emphasis of teaching/preaching in our texts in Mark (...Read More

Watch clip 1 of 3 under the sermon link on revival

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The Authority to Forgive: Mark 2: 6-12

Mark 2:6-12 We started by remembering that Christ had just declared this broken hearted man’s...Read More

Simple Church. Intentionally.

Here is a summary of our church vision....Read More

The Priorities of Ministry; Mark 1:35-39

The priorities in our text are the same one's we see in Acts 6:4 We opened by talking about the dif...Read More

Jesus our Helper: Mark 2:1-5

The Bible declares that God is our Helper. He is the one who can truly help us in our greatest need....Read More