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The Eternal God, Part VII (section 1 of 3); The God Who Is Present With Us.

Some have presented becoming a Christian as just accepting truths about Jesus and the teaching of the New Testament. One simply needs to come to the smorgasbord of world religions and be sure to pick the right one, Christianity. This person must intellectually agree to all the fundamental truths of the faith and then pass the truth along. The responsibility of all who acc...

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The Eternal God, Part VI; The God Who Conquers.

Many people do not like to talk about death, especially their own. Like cats have an aversion to water, humans feel even stronger about dealing with the issue of death. I was once watching aTV show where a person was trying to sell a very old show casket (a casket that was used to display many cadavers over the years). There was an eerie mood at the auction as many had no ...

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