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The Eternal God; Part V, The God Who Pursues.

In the last chapter we saw that God is not distant, but that He is indeed near. We have not created God to solve our feeble longings; God has created us and has actively revealed Himself to us, specifically through the coming of Jesus to the world. Yet, what was it that Jesus revealed about God? What is it that we so desperately need to hear? Did He come to give us little...

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The Eternal God, part IV; The God Who is Not Hidden

There are many who would admit that it does seem very logical that God would exist. They understand that anything created needs a creator; anything made needs a maker. Yet, they would still struggle to embrace God because of what they say is His hiddenness. If God exists, they ask, then why does He remain so hidden; where is He? Why doesn't He just show up and prove Himsel...

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The Eternal God part III: The God From the Beginning

A Look at God in The Old Testament...

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