We are a church in the process of redevelopment.  Several years ago, our church was on the brink of extinction.  The Christian and Missionary Alliance decided to keep the church doors open and began to take the church through a major transitional process.  Since 2006 many changes have been made as the old church died and was replaced with a new vision and philosophy, while still holding tightly to authority of God’s Word, the Bible.

We are part of the Christian and Missionary Alliance.  For those unfamiliar with the Alliance, the denomination is protestant, evangelical, and Bible centered.  The Alliance considers itself to be a “big tent” in that while it holds tightly to the fundamental and orthodox teachings of the faith, it is home to pastor’s and churches of varying theological and philosophical persuasions.  Each church will in many ways have its own, unique identity.    Please click here for the Alliance doctrinal statement.



OUR Church building in South Wilkes-Barre, PA